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Pool Mate Anti-Chlorine Swimmers Shampoo

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  • Swimmers shampoo to remove chlorine and chlorine odour from hair PoolMate

  • Shampoo is suitable for sea and pool swimmers

  • Moisturising agent reduces hair breakage and its safe with coloured hair



Swimmers Shampoo from Swimovate Pool Mate

Swimmers are you having trouble with coarse and dry from the pool. Why not try out Swimmer's shampoo from PoolMate.

The Problem lies from the fact that chlorine dries out your hair by breaking down and removing the natural protective oils in the hair and scalp. If chlorine is not removed it will weaken and damage hair permanently as the hair by becoming brittle dry and prone to breakage. Excess chlorine can also attract metal ions (Iron, copper, manganese, iron).

These are the Metals that make coloured hair go green! Swimmer's shampoo from PoolMate contains several active ingredients to remove chlorine and chlorine odour that ordinary shampoos can’t remove from your hair.

This shampoo is suitable for both sea and pool swimmers making it ideal for holiday use. Swimmer's shampoo removes mineral build up from salt water and moisturises against the harmful effects of sun and sand.

The Solution comes from a combination of Aloe Vera, Sodium thiosulphate Pantenol Pro Vitamin B5 and Coconut. Aloe vera which is an amazing plant with known anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Aloe Vera also acts as a chlorine removal agent!

Sodium thiosulphate chemically bonds with chlorine molecules and removes them from your hair along with the chlorine odour. This product is found naturally in hot springs and has numerous medical applications from anti fungal treatments to cancer therapies.

Pantenol Pro Vitamin B5 acts as a moisturiser which binds to the hair shaft. This product enhances gloss, elasticity and body so the hair is less prone to breakage.

Finally Coconut oil has been used in Asia and India for centuries as a hair treatment. Coconut oil is used to reduce breakage. It’s absorbed by the hair shaft and reduces water and chemical penetration as well as protein loss.

Features of Swimmer's shampoo from PoolMate

  • This shampoo is a quality antichlorine hair care product made in the UK by swimmers.
  • The ingredient chemically binds with and removes chlorine molecules and odour and removes the metal ions that cause green hair.
  • This swimmer's shampoo is ideally suitable for pool and sea swimmers
  • Moisturising agents reduce hair breakage Safe on coloured or treated hair
  • Because its mild is suitable for everyday use
  • You can also enjoy that luxurious coconut aroma loved by many.


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