OOYO™ Sports offers a t shirt printing service in Lucan Co. Dublin. Whether you want a once off personalised t shirts design or a large number of customised event or promotional t shirts OOYO™ Sports can cater for your needs. 

Quality promotional t shirts can be purchased at affordable prices and printed or embroidered with event logos, corporate sponsor details or brand information.

Contact us if you are looking for high quality t shirt printing at affordable prices.   OOYO™ Sports has ready access to thousands of branded t shirts, promotional products that can be personalised for your events.   We print all types of t shirts for all types of events or occasions. 


T Shirt Printing for Event Promotion

Quality printed t shirts are a great way to promote fun runs, sports, fundraising events and activities.  Quality printed t shirts will be worn long after an event is over and event organisers will continue to benefit from this promotional opportunity.   Tasteful t shirts printing designs will ensure a longer lasting effect and event organisers and sponsors will reap the benefits from your promotional opportunity.   OOYO™ Sports is happy to work with you to optimise colour and design to help you to achieve the desired effect. 


Technical T shirts Printing for Running, Marathons Promotions and Sports Events

Technical T shirts are used for running, marathons and sports events.   Technical T shirts are made with a 100% textured polyester fabric that is lightweight, with sweet wicking effect and moisture control.   

Quality technical t shirts are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes and are readily customised by t shirts printing for your fun runs, charity fundraising events or sports activities.  


Polyester T shirt Printing Personalised for Marathons and Running Events

Quality soft lightweight polyester t shirts can also be readily personalised with your name and Charity details for marathons, running or sports events.  The polyester t shirts deliver superior moisture control and are more suitable to long distance runners and sports performance.  A wide range of polyester shirts for printing are available in men and women’s fitting and running vest with contrasting colours are also available. 


Summer Camp T shirts Printing or Embroidery for Sports and Events

T Shirts Printing or embroidery service allow summer camp organisers an opportunity to promote and brand their events.  Quality cotton or polyester t shirts can be readily printed or embroidered with logos, brands or organisation crests.    Summer camp t shirts are also useful for safety reasons and serve as a tool for managing large groups of children.  OOYO™ Sports has ready access to quality t shirts in a wide variety of colours to suit all age group.   Contact us to enquire about t shirt printing and design service or visit us at our t shirt printing showroom in Lucan Co. Dublin.

Contact OOYO™ Sports at 015311024 to enquire about t shirt printing and design service.