Running watches come in all shapes and sizes and can be as sophisticated as you like.   Every year this sophistication expands with new functionality, new models and new brands of sports watches.  The most notable advancement in recent years is the reduction in the size and weight of these devices as technology advances are still on going.


Running Watches for Beginners

For those new to running you will really only need a stop watch so you know how long you have been running for.  Lap times can be useful if you are running in a park or on the track.  As you become more involved in running and running longer distance you want to get better feedback on how you are performing and sports watches with heart rate monitors and GPS running watches can help.


Heart Rate Monitors for Runners

Heart rate monitors allow you to measure how hard and effectively you are training.   You can buy a watch with a heart rate monitor relatively cheaply but it might worth going the extra mile so to speak and include GPS functionality so you can measure speed and distance. 

Heart rate monitors are useful for interval training where you continually increase and reduce your heart rate while training.   Training in the right zone is important and heart rate monitor will let you know if you are doing it right.    Most heart rate monitors fit comfortable across the chest or under the bra strap and are barely noticeable when running.


GPS Watches for Running

GPS watches are used by runners to measure speed and distance and many come with an additional heart rate monitor.  They allow you to measure exactly how far you have run and at what speed per kilometre or per mile.    Some GPS watches come with devices that are worn on the shoe or arms but nowdays the functionality is built into most modern GPS watches.   The GPS watches use global positioning systems to pick up signals from satellites to pinpoint your locations and how far and fast you have travelled.   


The Benefits of Heart Rate Monitors and GPS Watches

  • Running watches with heart rate monitors and GPS functionality help you to train with intensity and improve the quality of your training.
  • When racing these running watched give you feedback on the intensity of the race and let you know how far you have left to go.
  • If you are doing interval training these watches allow you to measure your distance so you can work out your own set route or interval.
  • If you are just starting out and want to get better feedback on your runs then a good quality running watch is a good investment.

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