The choice of running gear available on the market is overwhelming however there is a distinct difference between good quality running gear and clothing that can be viewed as fashionable but not functional.    The world of sports has been transformed in a relatively short period of time with the development of technical clothing.  


The Benefits of Good Quality Running Gear

Running isn’t an expensive hobby to get involved in but it is worthwhile investing in good quality running gear to get the most from it.  Performance and comfort can be enhanced by wearing the right running gear.   Wearing the right running gear can reduce injury, help you improve performance, keep you warm in winter and cool in warm weather.


Select Your Running gear

Light weight, breathable material is ideal to keep the weight down and prevent chaffing or rubbing.  Wear running gear that fits well.   Tight fitting clothing can cause rubbing or chaffing particularly as you increase distance.   If your clothing is too loose it can also rub.   You will also need to consider the season.  In spring and summer you can wear a tight t-shirt, shorts and socks.  However in the winter and cold weather it is best to wear layers as they trap air between them which will act as insulation.   As you warm up you can remove layers to keep your optimal temperature.


Running Socks are Now Technical

Good quality running socks are often overlooked but the existing technology and designs such as double layers socks can prevent blisters, odours and ease muscle pressure.   Compression gear and socks are a new technological advancement for runners.   They aid a faster recover after a fast run and stimulate blood flow.