Running water belts and water bottles are a great way to stay hydrated while running especially when running in warm weather.   Running water belts and water bottles come in various styles and sizes to suit the runner’s needs.   Runners can choose from handheld water bottles, running water belts which hold a number of bottles or even back packs for long distance runs.

You choice of water belt or hydration pack will depend on your water requirement.   The amount of water your body requires is dependent on the intensity of the run, the duration and weather conditions.   

Running water belts came in a variety of size or as adjustable belts.   You can choose from a variety of styles with a single water bottle, Dual water belts with two bottle or quad water belts with four bottles.   The running belt are designed to sit on the your hips and when properly adjusted or the right size they will sit comfortably with minimal movement and not rid up on your waist.