Hoodies are great way to promote sports clubs and events.  Promotional Hoodies allows you to stand out from the crowd and acknowledge your corporate sponsors, promote an event or worthy cause.   Promotional hoodies can also provide you with the means to promote your organisation by including your website details, QR codes or Facebook details.  

Quality Promotional Hoodies will Enhance Your Promotion Opportunity

Promotional Hoodies can be printed or embroidered on the front, back sleeve and even the hood itself.  Promotional hoodies are a great way to promote your organisation, your club or your event.  Quality promotional hoodies that are tastefully printed or embroidered will be worn even after the event and provide the event organisers with a continued promotional opportunity. 

Promotional Hoodies as Free Giveaway’s and Competition Prices

Promotional hoodies are ideal gifts and can be used for club competitions, prices or for your business and promotional giveaways.  Let’s face it everyone loves a freebie and promotional hoodies are an idea and welcomed gift for all age groups. 

OOYO™ Sports offer a wide range of promotional hoodies for clubs, colleges and corporate business.   Whether you are looking for a high quality gift or a more economical promotional hoodies we will have lots of options, styles, colours and sizes to suit your requirements including a wide range of junior promotional hoodies.

Promotional hoodies have been tested and proven to be an effective tool in promotional campaigns.  Promotional hoodies are an ideal way to reward loyal customers in business or use as competition prizes or even as a reward in sport for the player of the match.  

Promotional Hoodies Can Be Designed to Help You Stand Out or Blend In

Whether you are promoting your club, college or business you need to consider if you want to blend in with subtle or more discrete customisation on your promotional hoodies or whether you want to stand out with bright colours, bright writing, messaging and designs.   Talk to OOYO™ Sports about your requirements and we will work with you to find the optimal design to suit your budget and requirements.   You can create your own unique promotional hoodies. 

OOYO™ Sports is happy to provide you with printed hoodies, a design mock up service to help you visualise your promotional hoodies prior to customisation.    Promotional hoodies samples can be viewed at our customisation showroom at 22 Hills Industrial Estate, Lucan Co. Dublin.