Hydration belts are specially designed belts which you can slot water bottles into when you run or exercise.   Many hydration belts are designed with pockets or slots to carry gels, chocolate bars, energy drinks music and personal items.  


Hydration Affects Runners Performance

The body can dehydrate quickly even with moderate exercise and in cool temperatures.  The greater the intensity of your run and the greater the heat the more water you require.  Staying hydrated during running and in warm weather is essential.  Dehydration can have a dramatically affect your performance and cause headaches. It’s best to hydrate before, during and after your run or exercise.   Don’t wait to feel thirsty as this is the body’s last response to dehydration when you exercise.  


Why use a Hydration Belt?

Hydration belts are designed to allow you to run hands free and unencumbered. It’s not a good idea to carry water bottles in your hand as it can affect your posture and cause shoulder pain.  Hydration belts snap around your waist and should fit snuggly so it doesn’t bounce. 


Selecting your Hydration Belts and Water Bottles

When it comes to hydration belts and water bottle they are many options to choose from.  You will need to give some consideration to your requirement for water.  If you are a long distance runner or training for a marathon you will need to carry a greater amount of water.   If you are a short distance runner and only ever run for thirty minutes to one hour, small water bottles should be suffice unless  you are running in very warm conditions and doing high intensity work outs.  Personal taste and preferences will also come into play when selecting your hydration belt and water bottle.   


You can choose from hydration belts with a single water bottle or a dual hydration belt with two water bottles or a quad hydration belt with four water bottles.   The dual and quad hydration belts are more flexible if you wish to carry a combination or isotonic sports drinks and water.   The water bottles are detachable so a quad hydration belt can be reduced to two bottles for your shorter runs.  Most hydration belts are design with extra pockets for personal items and some may have detachable pouches which can be removed if not required. 


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