Water bottles and  hydration belts are specifically designed for runners are ideal for carrying sports drinks and water.  However, many runners underestimate the importance of water and the effects proper hydration can have on their performance.   Even moderate decreases in the body’s water level can significantly impair a runner’s performance.


Hydration Belts allow you to Carry Water Bottles

Our bodies consist of almost two thirds water.  Regardless of your activity level you will require sufficient levels of water or fluids for your normal body functioning.  When undertaking even moderate activity and in cool temperatures your body can dehydrate quickly which is why runners should invest in a good hydration belt or water bottle.  Exercise generates heat in the body and the body sweats to prevent the body temperature from rising. 

To offset fluid lost during running and exercise your need to think about drinking before, during and after exercise or a run.  Hydration belts and water bottles allow you to carry water on your run when you don’t have access to other resources such as those available at a race event.