Water bottles and hydration belts have been around for many years and come in various designs to suit the runner.  The bottle sizes and the number of water bottles can vary on the hydration belt so your will need to take into consideration your water requirement and comfort. 


Dual and Quad Hydration Belts

Dual hydration belts have two water bottles but there is an option to choose between two small or two big water bottles. Quad hydration belts have four detachable water bottles and you can choose to use just two water bottles on your short runs or carry a combination of sports drinks and water. The bottle can be positioned so that they are sloped for easy access.


Style of Hydration Belts and Water Bottles

Hydration belts which hold multiple bottles distribute the weight around your waist and generally are less noticeable to wear than single bottle carriers or a waist pack with a bladder. If you are into distance running or training for a marathon invest in a hydration bottle that carries multiple bottles so you can carry an electrolyte solution and a straight up water.


Hydration Belt Design and Sizes

Most hydration belts are designed with an adjustable strap and clasp while other hydration belts have a velcro grip.  There may be an option to choose a belt size even when the belt is adjustable.  Aim to find a suitable fitting so that the hydration belt does not bounce or ride up on your stomach.

 Many hydration packs come with neoprene zipped packs or pockets which may or may not be detachable.  This will allow you to keep your valuables rain and sweet free when running. These pockets or pouches can also be used to carry phones or energy gels.

Look for hydration belts made from material with wicking properties that carry sweat away from you skin and prevent chaffing.   Select your choice of Hydration Belt or water Bottle from OOYO™ Sports Online Sports Store.