Hoodies can be personalised and customised by embroidery and printing.  Hoodies are readily available in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes and can be customised for your promotional events, clubs and activities. Adult and junior size hoodies are available and can be printed or embroidered to suit your requirements.  

High quality customised hoodies can be obtained for your team or club at economical rates without compromising on quality.   You can customise your hoodies for your team and club with your crest and corporate sponsor’s details or you can opt to create a personalised hoodies with printed of embroidered logos for your individual needs and promotions.  

Club Hoodies, College Hoodies and Class Hoodies

Hoodies provide a means of branding and promotion for your club, college or club.  The size of some Colleges and Universities can be daunting for some with a multitude of Classes and Clubs. 

Club hoodies and class hoodies provide a means to quickly identify your fellow team mates in crowd.   College hoodies are also great for those intervarsity or away matches where you represent your college or university.  You also avail of t shirt printing service and match your customised sportswear.  

OOYO™ Sports can provide clubs, classes and colleges with a wide choice of affordable and quality customised hoodies.   Club or class slogans can also be added to your college or university hoodies as well as individual names or initials so that your hoodie is easily identified after your events.  OOYO™ Sports will work with you to find the optimal design and budget to suit your needs.


Customised Hoodies for Club, Teams or Sports Events

It’s never been easier and more affordable to customise hoodies for your club, team or event.  OOYO™ Sports has ready access to a variety of styles and colours of hoodies that can be customised to suit your team or club requirements.

Customised hoodies are one of the most versatile garments that is both stylish and comfortable.  Hoodies can be customised by printing or embroidery whether you want to blend in or stand out from the crowd. Customised hoodies allow you to easily recognise you team or club in crowed place or to promote your brand or business.  

 Find out more about our Customised Sportswear and Embroidery and Printing Services by calling OOYO™ Sports at 015311024 to discuss your personalised hoodies requirements.  We can provide you with a design mock up service or create a personalised design for you.  Alternatively, you can call to our customised focused showroom at 22 Hills Industrial Estate, Lucan Co. Dublin.