Handheld water bottlecome in various designs.  Some hand held water bottles are ergonomically moulded and shaped so that they can be gripped directly by hand and have no cover.   Other designs come with easy grip handles, pockets for carrying accessories and valuables.   Some handheld water bottle carriers are designed with material to keep fluids cool no matter what the temperature is.   The material is generally made from soft material that reduces wicking and carries sweat away from the hand. 


Water Sports Bottles For Gym Use

While hand held water bottles are ideal for gym use or when exercising in a more stationary environment however, it is not recommended to use hand water bottles when running as they can adversely affect your posture.  Holding a water bottle in your hand can create an unnatural running style and stress in your shoulders can manufacture as pain.   If you are running it is recommended that you use a hands free running hydration belt.