Foam rollers are cylindrical and made from some form of hard celled foam.   This versatile and inexpensive piece of equipment is used for releasing muscle tension or knots.   By alleviating muscle tightness, foam rolling helps prevent the onset of running injuries.

Foam rolling or self myofascial release (SMR) is term for self-massage to release muscles tension or trigger points.  This is achieved by rolling the tender spot over the foam roller or holding the tender spot for thirty to sixty seconds or more.   This will help aid recover after exercise and return the muscle to its healthy, normal elasticated state. 


The Benefits of Foam Rollers

  • Foam rollers are ideal for releasing muscle tension and over used muscles. 
  • Foam rolling will give a deep tissue massage by using your own body weight on the foam roller.
  • You can reduce costs as you don’t require a physical therapist.  
  • It’s more convenient as you can do it at home when it suits you.
  • Foam rolling helps when stretching isn’t enough.


Foam Rolling

Runners and athletes experience pain and stiffness with some prominent trouble spots such as the IT band, the tights and hip region.   Other fitness activities can cause stiffness in back, arms and legs.   Foam rolling can be painful in the beginning.   Foam rolling can be performed pre and post running to release muscle tension and prevent injury.


Selecting Your Foam Roller

Foam rollers come in various sizes, shapes and at various costs.   The firmness of the foam roller can also vary and if you are a heavy user you may wish to invest in a durable one.   Many foam rollers are used for core-stabilisation exercise and the EVA Foam Rollers may be more suitable for this type of activity.  Grid Foam rollers are popular and more durable among athletes


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