Customise Technical T – Shirts for Your Events

Technical t-shirts are a great promotional tool where you can incorporate your event details, website, QR code and provide details of corporate sponsors.  A wide variety of options for embroidery or for printed technical t-shirts are available.  OOYO™ Sports offer you a wide selection of colours and technical t shirts to choose from or we can work with you to customise your own apparel. 


Offers on Customised Technical T -shirts

Customised Technical T-shirts can be fully branded, personalised for your events and activities.  T-shirts are available in a variety of colours with 100% textured polyester fabric.  Our t shirts offer wicking effect for moisture control and lightweight performance wear is available to suit most activities. Available in range of sizes from extra small to extra, extra large.


Cost of Customised Technical T-Shirts

Our experts will advise you on the cost of technical t-shirts however you should bear in mind that costs are influenced by a number of factors; 

  • The number and quality of technical t-shirts required
  • The number of colours used in printing
  • Whether you want to print on the front, the back and/or the sleeves
  • The logo or quality of the design used


Please contact OOYO™ Sports for more details on our range of technical t shirts, to arrange a design mock up and to find out more about our customisation service.