Customised Jackets for Sports and Activities

Customise your own club jackets, warm up jackets or outerwear for your activities, events of for post event activities.   You can select from a range of jackets for running, cycling, team wear or sports jackets which are ideal for training and activities.  

Lightweight, breathable, windproof and waterproof jackets are available and readily customised with your club, team or event details.   Whether you are looking for a running, cycling jacket, sailing jacket or walking jacket we have options to suit your needs.


Customised Jackets and Outerwear for all Weather

Find a jacket to suit your activity, sport or the season.  You can select from a range of Gilet (sleeveless jackets), lightweight jackets, bodywarmers, windbreakers, ponchos or high quality softshell jackets with details should as drawstrings, side pockets, arm pockets and bonded zips.

All jackets can be customised with embroidered logo’s, crests or printed with your own unique design or brand. Contact OOYO™ Sports to find out more about our services