Compression Shorts as baselayers and Recovery

Compression shorts are often recommended by physical therapists to athletes suffering from sciatica or lower back pain.  Compression Shorts can be worn as undergarment or baselayers when recovering and many people also choose to wear compression shorts under their normal working clothes.

Compression can be used improve recovery time after intense workouts and strenuous exercise.  Recovery compression shorts help to eliminate toxins from the venous and lymphatic system.

The shorts can be used a baselayers in many sports and are ideal to help regulate temperature for winter training or sports.


Compression Shorts for Specific Sports

Some compression shorts come with padding specifically designed for sports such as cycling or to protect players from injury when they slide on grass or harder ground.  The athlete will also benefit from the protection provided against chafing and rashes and the wicking effect of the material when wearing compression shorts. 


Women’s Compression shorts and Camogie Skorts

Women's Compression shorts are also popular among female players and athletes where they are worn under shorts or shirts.   This includes sports where you use compression camogie skorts, hockey skorts and tennis skirts.  The compression shorts can prevent the clothing riding up and reduce exposure to underwear when activity in play.