Compression gear has become more fashionable and trendy over the past few years.  Standard running apparel and gym gear used to consist of oversized t-shirts and loose sweat pants.  Nowadays there has been a shift to tight fitting compression gear that’s looks sporty and sleek.  Compression gear now includes compression shorts, compression stockings, booster socks, compression underwear, Compression tights, Compression shirts and these also been customised to the various sports such as running, skiing, cycling or triathlons.  


Compression Gear can be Sports Specific

Some compression gear has been designed with extra padding and protective areas for contact sports or activities where a player may find themselves on the ground or grass.   Compression gear is popular as under garments for football and camoige where they can be worn underneath football shorts, camogie skorts or camoige skirts where a players clothing may ride up and expose underwear.  They are also commonly used to help keep players warm in the cold weather. 


Compression Gear is Functional and Fashionable

Compression gear is generally made from spandex or stretchy material.    Compression gear is most often unisex but some manufacturers have specifically designed compression gear for men and women.   There is an increasing variety of colours available to jazz up your apparel but black is the most popular. 

 The wicking property of the compression gear and the material used helps keep the body temperature perfectly regulated in winter and summer.  Many materials used also offer sun protection.   Compression gear can also be designed with antibacterial agents to prevent odours.

The increasing variety of brands, colours, styles and sports specific design for compression gear, compression clothing and booster socks will ensure this body fitting clothing will only grow in popularity over the coming years.