Compression gear such as compression clothing and stocking has been around a long time.  These Compression stockings were popular in clinical settings to prevent the occurrence and guard against the progression of varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.  

Compression gear or sportswear is now used by athletes to improve sports performance.   The theory is that compression clothing increase venus blood flow which in turn results in the exclusion of blood by-products which are flushed from the system. Compression gear such as booster stocks, compression shirts and compression shorts used in recovery helps the blood back to homeostasis quicker using the sample principle. 

Muscles benefit from the increase in oxygen and the enhanced circulation.   This also reduces lactic acid build up.  The tight fitting garments also reduce muscle vibrations and soreness.


The Design of Compression Gear and Socks

Compression gear or clothing is designed to fit snuggly into your body.   Unlike traditional clothing athletic compression stocking and socks are made with stronger elastics.  This creates significant pressure on the ankles, legs and feet.   The compression stocking are designed so that they are tightest around the ankles and gradually become less constrictive towards the knees, tights and hip.  Knee high compression socks improve recovery by boosting blood flow to the extremities.  To be effective the recovery compression clothing needs to be worn immediately after exercise.


The Benefits of Compression Shirts, Shorts Stockings and Boosters

  • Compression clothing helps regulate body temperature.
  • Compression wears such as compression shirts, shorts and leggings are ideal for winter training or as under garments as they can help regulate body temperature.  By keeping the muscles warm compression clothing reduces the risk of strain.
  • Compression clothing helps moisture management.
  • Many compression garments are design with wicking properties that helps move moisture away from the skin and prevent chaffing or rashes.
  • Compression clothing can help improved performance
  • In training and competition by enhancing blood circulation and relieving pain from muscle stiffness and soreness.  Compression clothing has been show to decrease lactic acid build up, prevent cramps and minimise muscle fatigue in athletes.

Compression Gear aids recovery

By boosting blood flow to the extremities and thus reduces the time taken for the muscle to repair themselves.

Compression clothing are fashionable with many different colours of Booster socks and Compression shirts and compression shorts and the body fitting garments give muscle definition and highlight contours.  Ladies can also select from a range of Women's Compression Shorts which are available in a wide variety of Colours. 


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