Compression Gear can help improved performance

Performance in training and competition is believed to be enhanced by improving blood circulation and relieving pain from muscle stiffness and soreness when wearing compression clothing. 


Compression Gear can help improved muscle power and endurance

Decreased lactic acid build-up, the prevention of cramps and reduced muscle fatigue has been noted in athletes who use compression wear.  The increase oxygenation can improve endurance and performance. 


Compression Gear helps regulate body temperature

Compression wear such as compression shirts, compression short and compression leggings or tights are ideal as under garments for winter training as they can help regulate body temperature. 


Compression Gear helps reduce injury

By keeping the muscles warm compression wear reduces the risk of strain and potential risk of injury.  Some compression gear such as compression shorts come with extra padding for contact or physical sports.  


Compression Gear can reduce muscle soreness

Many athletes have reported that compression wear reduces muscles soreness as it reduces the muscle vibration which can occur as the foot strikes the ground.  Tight fitting compression wear secure the muscles, reduces the vibration and thus reduces stiffness after the event.


Compression Gear helps moisture management

Most compression clothing is designed with wicking properties which removes moisture or sweat away from the skin. This can prevent chaffing or rashes.


Compression Gear aids recovery

Athletes have reported better recovery times when using compression wear as the compression boosts blood flow to the extremities and reduces the time taken for the muscle to repair.